October 30, 2010

Eye Candy

~ A Sweet & Sinister Tale of Unrequited Love ~

When he first gazed upon her glinting eyes, he simply lost his head.
He fashioned for her a box, glittered with the sharp ashes of his unsent love letters and festooned upon it, her likeness and his - seeking to beguile her with sweet treats and trinkets, bejeweled baubles and
his legendary trick riding prowess.
"Look no further my love, I only have eyes for you. Tell me now, can you answer me in kind?"
No reply came forth and after a good long look, her gaze drifted above the shining head he held aloft.
Catching ahold of the night wind, she was gone in a thrice.
He rode out in search of her, through the deep dark woods and chanced upon the very deadwood tree
where he had first beheld her shining eyes.

Securing the sweetmeats box to a branch, hoping against hope that this small token of affection
would forever win her heart (until death did them part) he galloped away into the darkness.

But alas, it was all to no avail.

Her cold, black, avaricious heart had no room in it for the aspirations of a headless man on a one trick pony.

She scuttled back to her web to gobble up the contents,

orb after glistening orb.

Special thanks to Tanya at Time for Scrappin' who generously sent me the sparkly headless horseman after I had admired her guy galloping through one of her amazing Halloween mini's. Check out her frighteningly precise attention to detail! It will turn your head! HERE


Jillayne said...

Very cool Genecvieve, very cool! And a great story too - you weave and spin a good tale!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love it! So well done!