December 4, 2010

Christmas Tarts

Today is a big baking day here, as our Christmas preparations go into full swing.
First out of the oven will be heavenly Red Huckleberry tarts, made from our own huckleberries.
They've been all bundled up in the freezer since August, waiting patiently for their time to shine.

And shine they will.

These delicious little pastries are going to be front and center at tomorrow's
Holiday Brunch - for as long as they last!

The tart little Red Huckleberries (aka Bilberries, Craneberries and Whortleberries)
are prized by birds, small mammals and humans alike
and boy, do they make the best jam and tarts ever.

This photo was taken last summer, just outside my back door,
where one amazingly prolific Huckleberry bush
has grown out of the immense stump of an ancient cedar.