January 20, 2010

Separated at Birth

I was feeling a little stuck with the inside flaps of my new "discarded-book-turned-journal" project when I spotted an orange robot sticker in the rubble of a studio scrapbox. All I had on hand were some felt pens and the waste paper basket, so I got to work crafting this set of fraternal twins.

They obviously have something to important to say here.
What's that?


That's the spirit, ladies!

January 14, 2010

Playing in Photoshop

These cool/bright colors were inspired by one of Hanna Andersson's Everday Magic Photos, which she graciously gave me permission to show you.

Her blog, iHanna's Creative Space is a virtual smörgåsbord of colorful and inspiring crafts. Yum!

She's always got something wonderful going on over there. Check it out!
You too, will be amazed.
iHanna's blog

My fellow ATC clubber, Jennifer,
had this really simple collage
technique in her journal.

I was so taken with this idea,
that I came in first thing this morning
to create one for myself.

Place torn bits and pieces of paper
(and anything else relatively flat)
on a piece of sticky back clear vinyl.
Flip it over onto a piece of cardstock
and - tada! - you have a collage.

That's it!

After scanning the artwork,
I put it through it's paces with simple
Photoshop filters and made
these little diptychs.

Instant artistic gratification!

January 1, 2010

Make Time to Make Art

With the arrival of 2010 comes my first blog anniversary. YAY!

One year old today!

Looking back through the posts, I am glad to see all of the projects that actually made it to camera ready status.

This New Year has me resolved to set aside even more time to create art and explore different mediums.


Because it makes me happy. Try it! You'll see.

Happy New Year!