October 29, 2009

The Frost is on the Pumpkin

We had our first frost the other night and
when I went to check for survivors,
this beautiful pumpkin was there,
waiting patiently in the garden for it's
transformation to Jack O'Lantern.

Tonight's the night!

October 20, 2009

Life is Good

We interrupt all of this Fall posting
frenzy to bring you a really great day.

Ever have one of those?

Today's been smooth sailing, for which I am really grateful.

Out takes:

• This AM while taxi-ing teenage boy to school, he says with a BIG SMILE, "Thanks for the awesome phone, Mom." This makes that marathon, three chapter wait, in the Verizon store yesterday - all worth it. BTW - Awesome is bigger than cool.
• Lemons to lemonade, that wait brought me three chapters further along on in the life of Michelangelo, at the end of which is a trip to the museum to see some of his works on paper. Heaven! OK, close - The Sistine Ceiling Drawings.
• Opened up my gmail treasure box to discover a pile of fun, funny, complimentary notes from, seriously, around the world. Blog-geography blows my little mind.
• On my way to work, husband is parked by the side of the road on my way out of town, pretending to hitchhike, grinning and holding out package he picked up from the Post Office this morning.
• Later at work, said package (that I'd forgotten about) turns out to be a delectable selection of paper goods from Bake it Pretty with extra goodies put in by gracious shopkeeper. Happy stuff! Photos tomorrow.
• I finally remembered to bring my French Press to work and the studio is filled with the fragrance of Fogcutter. MMMMM.

... all that and it's only 11:33!

Feel free to copy this image I made and spread a little gratitude!

October 16, 2009

Trick or Tree

Remember these?

Find of the day! Although
***** HORRORS*****
the woman at the shop described
this as vintage, I prefer to
file it under "nostalgia".

My mom had these on the counter
when I was growing up.
I don't recall ours being
orange, however.
(She was big on beige.)

Of course now I need
to make something crafty to
dangle from the branches.
Spiders or ghosts might be spooky.


October 14, 2009

Witches Brew

These revamped
Jones sodas
just look
positively poisonous.

Witches Brew
and Franken Fizz
are on the drink
menu tonight.

Both concotions
go down real smooth,
but have a frightening
little bite at the finish.

Pick yer poison!

October 10, 2009

Looky Here!

argus arborius,

October 8, 2009

Jack O' Lanterns

Sing it with me now:
"Yoooou Light Up My Life"
My kitchen anyway.

Simplicity at it's finest.
These paper lanterns
are a holdover from
summer decorating.

Armed with a pair of scissors,
scotch tape and some colored
paper scraps, the transformation
into Jack O'Lanterns was a snap.

October 7, 2009

Bring Your Own Boo

I present to you,
one creepy collaged can,
created for my friend Carol,
to celebrate her
October birthday.

The base is made from
a black plastic paint can
that my husband brought
home and (kindly) cleaned
out for me.


I just snipped up
a bunch of
"this and that"
I had around
the studio and then
decoupaged it all on.

The interior is a linen toile
that took FOREVER to dry,
even with a hairdryer.

The inside was strongly
scented with eau de modge podge,
so I dabbed a little
cinnamon essential oil
to spice it up.

I think this would
make a great
trick or treat bucket.

October 6, 2009

Disarming, Charming and Slightly Alarming

Here she is,
dressed to the nines
and ready to make
her grand entrance
at the Halloween Soiree.

It took a lot of restraint
to leave her dental work as-is.
I just really wanted to take a
Sharpie and black out one of
those gleaming chompers.

Ahhh... but the glamour smile
won out in the end, making a nice
juxtaposition to that writhing
head of hair.

Nice do!

October 5, 2009

Halloween Tree

Here's a spooky little sapling that
I had the pleasure of spray painting
black for a Halloween table top

The candy canes are pipe cleaners
twisted together and the tiny plastic
pumpkins are party favors.

I made the spiders with a circle
punch, paper trimmer, black
construction paper
and googly eyes.

The old plastic pumpkin has been
revived from days-gone-by and
makes the perfect pot.


October 1, 2009

Not a Healthy Situation for the Wicked Witch

The house began to pitch.
The kitchen took a stitch.
It landed on the Wicked Witch
in the middle of a ditch.
Not a healthy situation
for the Wicked Witch.

October is here at last and Halloween is on it's way!

I still love Halloween, mainly due to the pumpkins
and all the decorating that goes along with it.

These witch legs are easy to make.
You paint mailing tubes orange and stripe with black tape.
Pop them onto a pair of cool old half boots and
you've got the southern end of ONE FLAT WITCH.

These are also great, sticking out from under the table.
Hit that brew a little too hard?