October 20, 2009

Life is Good

We interrupt all of this Fall posting
frenzy to bring you a really great day.

Ever have one of those?

Today's been smooth sailing, for which I am really grateful.

Out takes:

• This AM while taxi-ing teenage boy to school, he says with a BIG SMILE, "Thanks for the awesome phone, Mom." This makes that marathon, three chapter wait, in the Verizon store yesterday - all worth it. BTW - Awesome is bigger than cool.
• Lemons to lemonade, that wait brought me three chapters further along on in the life of Michelangelo, at the end of which is a trip to the museum to see some of his works on paper. Heaven! OK, close - The Sistine Ceiling Drawings.
• Opened up my gmail treasure box to discover a pile of fun, funny, complimentary notes from, seriously, around the world. Blog-geography blows my little mind.
• On my way to work, husband is parked by the side of the road on my way out of town, pretending to hitchhike, grinning and holding out package he picked up from the Post Office this morning.
• Later at work, said package (that I'd forgotten about) turns out to be a delectable selection of paper goods from Bake it Pretty with extra goodies put in by gracious shopkeeper. Happy stuff! Photos tomorrow.
• I finally remembered to bring my French Press to work and the studio is filled with the fragrance of Fogcutter. MMMMM.

... all that and it's only 11:33!

Feel free to copy this image I made and spread a little gratitude!


Tom Bailey said...

I connected to you through another blog the half full cup caught my eye. I like your blog and that attitude.

gm glimmerglass said...

See? It's infectious!
Have a fun day.

Merci Beaucoups.

jennifer juniper said...

Love that image I want to print it out and pass it around at work!!

sherri s. said...

It's nice to have "Life Is Good" day, isn't it? (BTW, on your profile I see that we share a fondness for Amelie and Imogen Heap!)

emily ruth said...

such a fun list!
i love your hitch-hiking husband :)
too cute...


Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

What a great post!! I could feel your joy flowing thru your words!! : )

~ Wendy