February 1, 2010

Sewing Circle

The ladies got together for a sewing circle last night, jabbering away as they stitched to their hearts content.

This flip album was created with the same technique I used here -
Paper Tube Album Tutorial

This entire project is green/green - both in color and in the repurposing of all kinds of leftovers.

The front and back covers were crafted from the face of an old reader that was upholstered in that shiny waxed linen. I used my trusty craft knife to slice it down to size and then inked the edges.

Other items - like the va-va-vaoom garter/closure, were attached with a bit of elastic, laced through a slot I made with the X-acto knife.

You might recognize the round frame (on the group photo) as a small tin cover from a pack of scrapbooking flowers.

I didn't have enough people in my vintage photo for a real honest to gosh sewing circle, so I doubled up a few of the ladies to create twins. Love those glasses, ladies!

The whole project was bound with the Zutter.

I used paper tubes ironed flat as a base for the pages. What I really like about using the tubes is that once flat, they are the perfect size for gift cards and all kinda of sliders. You can really go to town with these.

The pockets also makes a great little place to stash sewing bits and pieces you need to keep track of. You can use it for a sewing scissor wallet, floss holder, needle case - pretty handy!

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Tanya said...

Wow! This is beautiful! I'm so glad I found this blog, every post is like a visual feast!