February 2, 2010

Deep Greens and Blues are the Colors I Choose

Over at Artsyville, Aimee went into a flurry of drip-drip-dripping artsy activity last week and showed us all how to make the coolest of cool tiles, with nada but alcohol inks and blending medium.

Eye popping color, eh?

This process is way beyond fun. To watch the inks react with the alcohol blending medium and the colors swirl around each other is simply mesmerizing.

((@)) ((@))
It's right up there with oil on a puddle, and yes, even better than salad spinner art! Plus, the end result is much more utilitarian.

What I really could have used during the entire process, in lieu of self control, was a sidekick to holler,

"Someone make her STOP!"
(as I went a way overboard on the ink.)

"Just one more drop."
" Wonder what THIS would look like?"
"Hmmm, more solution could be JUST the solution."

...and on and on it went, until these masterpieces emerged (and it was time to pick kid up from school.)

As you can see, I'm still on the dark green/blue kick stirred up by Hanna Andersson's cool curtain photo: iHanna's blog

I am craving summer. Pure and simple. And now I have six little pieces of deep, green, shady woods-in-summer, destined to become a tray, bearing a tall, cool glass of lemonade.


aimee said...

they look fabulous!!

mamichelle said...

Oooh, they're gorgeous!!

bichonpawz said...

Hi there! I popped over from artsyville...LOVE your tiles!!! I'm not having good luck with mine...for some reason...they are looking muddy. Guess I just need to practice more!!