February 15, 2010

Let's Party!

Happy Birthday, guys and thanks for all the great sales this past weekend!

Went on a solo thrifting flight yesterday and what fun THAT was!

Gathered up some real treasures that I will post pictures of in a bit.

The Haul included:
Martini glasses for a Somerset inspired craft, a bunch of old half gallon pickle jars, lots of old journals and ledgers, a tiny glass for my tiny glass collection, a way cool engagement calendar from 1960, two pillow cases, a pile of vintage snapshots (25 cents each! - a bit hard to reign myself at that price) and a vintage booklet full of printers cuts from a foundry, plus three really nice books. There's more, you'll see.
Since the antique and thrift stores were having President Day Sales, I only spent a total of $14.00 at one store and $14.25 at another. Fourteen was my lucky number yesterday - Valentine's Day! Love it.

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