February 18, 2010

iHanna's Postcard Swap

Hanna Andersson's postcard swap is underway! Here are my postcards that were sent all over the world.
Thanks, Hanna!

It has been so fun to make art for other artists and spread a little love around the planet.

Check out the beautiful and inspiring postcards made by everyone who joined. iHanna's blog
There were over 100 participants and already my mailbox is yielding up some very scrumptious art every day.

Our mail carrier is having a great time with this, as well and becoming quite the mail art connoisseur in the process.


iHanna said...

Oh My Gosh Genieveve, these are all SO extremely cool, I don't have any words for them. You're such an artist, they are like book covers or something... People getting these will be very lucky!

Friday Eudaemonism said...

Your postcards look so fun & colourful! :)

Chris said...

WOW! These are so varied and bright. I love them. Wasn't this fun? I like the idea of the postal carrier getting a postcard education! I bet they get bored with the same old mail all the time... but this!

Carlin said...

Your post cards are amazing. Each one just has so many different things to look at within it and yet it's all tied together. Beautiful!

In My Head Studios said...

I sincerely hope one of your amazing cards is on its way to me! LoL! They are stunning... each and every one is stunning! :)

Jen said...

I absolutely LOVE your postcards! So different and beautiful.

Thanks for the comment on my blog too - I had fun making that denim leaves one :)

Anonymous said...

I am the lucky recipient of "Have you splashed today?" and I am LOVING it! Thanks so much!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Oh my goodness, each one is amazing and vibrant! I bet your postoffice peeps loved looking at your cards.

MessInADress said...

Darlin' Genevieve! I want to thank you so much for the adorable sunshine card (the last image). It just made my day and made me giggle because it was actually raining like crazy the day I got it! But I adore it, and as soon as I'm in my new apartment, it's going on my memo board as a little piece of sunshine in my bedroom. <3

druga szesnaƛcie said...

I'm SO proud to have one of your cards!
they're all stunning.
I especially like the mommy one. and the one with the inner critic.
but the green vibrance queen brought the spring to my doorstep (and yes, my postman keeps giving me these looks...).
thank you so much!
I'm so glad I discovered your art.

aimee said...

these ROCK! they are amazing!

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Oh I wish I'd heared of this project! It looks like fun! I love your bird postcard especially:)