December 1, 2009

Chez Champagne

Although champagne is usually reserved for
New Year's, these bottles snuck out a whole
month early to help celebrate Christmas.

This elegant little wine shop is
somewhere in the South of France.

Ok, not really.

We created this tableau for a local hospital charity. It was fun and of course there was an enormous amount of glitter involved!

I love this Christmas tree in an urn and although ours was a bit tippy, we finally got it to stay put.

One of my favorite touches is the corkscrew wreath holder and naturally, that's a wine list rolled up at the post box.

We distressed and crackled an old door, topped it with a handcrafted awning, trimmed with a real ostrich feather boa. ATCHOO! That is when I discovered that I am allergic to ostriches. Who knew?

The front yard was carted in piece by piece. Those cute little cobblestones each weighed a TON,
let me tell ya! The moss is the real thing, collected in my back woods, spritzed with water and then sprinkled with mica flakes.

Besides a sleighful of ornaments, the tree is covered with little decoupaged tubs,
numbered 1-25 and filled with exquisite chocolates. There are also champagne glasses, baubles and yards and yards of champagne glittered trims tucked all around the tree.

Joyeux Noel!

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