December 9, 2009

Spectacular Sparkling Spectacles

I got this sparkly image of the Christmas Tree
goofing around with a pair of prism glasses
and my camera.

LOVE these things!

They've got me hovering around every
light source like a moth -
snapping pictures
in rainbow, prismatic glory.

You just hold them up to your lense and shoot.
Kinda like TTV, only it's TTPG.

We got a set for the whole family, years ago,
to go see the Festival of Lights. WOW!

Since then, they've taken on a life of their own and been used for everything from low tech video enhancement to bonfire dancing.

They come in all kinds of viewing patterns: stars, ornaments, snowflakes, you name it. I get them at the local teacher's store and have seen them at toy stores, too.

It's a great gift. Now your friends can take their families to check out the neighborhood holiday lights in psychedelic style.

Prism glasses, candy canes and cocoa make for a fun little gift pack. That's some serious Joy Ridin'!

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