December 4, 2009

A Box Of Goodies

I spent a fun day poking around an antiques fair with with some friends and we all came up with a nice little collection of vintage holiday plunder.

My happy find of the day was a basket full of 50's and 60's Christmas cards, all at barg-o-rama prices, no less. Three for a buck!

I'll be posting one each day, until I get to the bottom of the stack.

I always keep my eye out for kinetic cards that actually DO something and really love anything to do with paper engineering.

There it was!

A vintage mechanical paper card with a PUPPY on it?

A Puppy sportin' a RED BOW?


I just about fell over.

This little guy is going to my sis, the dog aficionado - YOU CAN STOP READING RIGHT THERE, MISSY! - with home baked, star shaped doggie treats.

(And yes, I'll be punching some holes in the side, just to ease her PETA-lovin' mind.)

When my dear husband read the card, he had other gift ideas and thought maybe a pooper scooper would better accompany the sentiment.


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