March 9, 2009

Painting with Scissors

"A pair of scissors is a ... wonderful instrument ... an occupation I can lose myself in ... my pleasure in cutting things out grows ever greater. Why didn't I think of it before." - Henri Matisse

In his later years, Matisse created beautiful gouaches découpés- cut paper collages. He called this technique
"Painting with Scissors".

Flipping through my art books, the flowing shapes and bright colors in these works always catch my eye. Right then and there, I'm inspired to jump up and start snipping!

Cut & Paste is a life long love of mine that started way before grammer school. Anyone remember mucilage?

This piece was made from a recycled linen's catalogue which I sliced up to create a Spring bouquet.

How GREEN is that?

Happy Spring!

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Laura K. Aiken said...

That is so cool...beautiful colors! I love it.