March 16, 2009

Looking Over Lucky Clover

"If a man who cannot count finds a four-leaf clover,
is he entitled to happiness?"
- Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

My answer to that would be, "Yeah-Duh!"

I love discovering a four-leaf clover
but then so does every little kid,
counters and pre-counters alike.
A rare find is always fun.

For me, searching through the clover patch
can be it's own reward, out in the fresh air
with all that green to take in!
The hunt itself can be mesmerizing -
a kind of walking meditation.

I'm pretty sure I got the four-leaf clover bug
from my mom - the undisputed champ at
spotting one at a distance.

Of course, I've upped my odds considerably
by broadcasting White Dutch clover seed on
every inch of bare ground we have.
Lots of green real estate to choose from here.

At this point, I've got quite a collection going
and will be sharing them with friends tomorrow.

Lotsa Luck to ya and Happy St. Pat's!

1 comment:

Ms Mims said...

Awww, Mom! Queen of the four leafers.. ~Mims [Bvrtn}