April 15, 2011

Spring Dance

I've been out in the garden for weeks now, despite the endless rain -
getting everything ready to go. It's still too soggy to really plant all my starts,
so I have been amusing myself with garden inspired art instead.

This month, our ATC club theme was "Technique" and
I chose to create encaustic papers and incorporate them in this Springy collage.

The final cards were printed out with the Sony Picturemate,
which produces eye-poppingly accurate colors on a high-gloss,
heavyweight paper that is nothing short of scrumptious.

It's serious tech love!
I sit in front of the Picturemate like a slot machine, printing out variations
of one image for hours (while the counter silently tallies up the ante) cha-ching!

At six bucks a sheet, I get that I am capable of inflicting some damage to my credit score
and so to encourage self control, I post a sticky note on the machine.


iHanna said...

What a beautiful card, love the colours and your printer love. I could do that too, just print all kinds of pretty photos + designs, but omg, it costs and adds up quickly!

Have a nice weekend!

Jillayne said...

Too funny! But so beautiful!! I can see how and why you could easily get carried away with that printer-thing but so worth it.
We are cold and wet here with wicked winds - I tried a bit of yard work last week but lasted an hour and half before I wanted hot chocolate, a warm fire and comfy jammies - bbrr!! What a cold spring!