March 16, 2011


With Spring right around the corner, my nesting instincts are coming out. The assignment for this ATC, created for our art club swap, was to include a dictionary swatch with a definition. Tweet tweet.

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Jillayne said...

I love dictionaries. Sigh.
I know it's an odd love, but in Grade 5 we played a game: the teacher would say a word and we had to find which page it was on, which column (there were two per page) and then we had to paraphrase the meaning. My favourite game ever. How weird is that?
Twenty-odd years ago I was in the bookstore and there on display was a simply stunning dictionary. Large, hardcover with gold leafed pages - I held my breath when I looked at the price and was dumbstruck to see I could afford it. When I brought it home, excited as could be my husband was sure I had gone completely daft. When he saw me reading it night after night he knew I was daft. But me, I was in word heaven...