November 27, 2010

Art Every Day - Vingt-Sept

In a land, long ago and far, far away - people used to go Christmas shopping downtown,
where the storefronts might be full of shiny bikes and dollhouses.
We still do that in our local podunk of a town, where we also have a Christmas Tree lighting
in the park, an town-wide open house featuring homemade cookies and
vintage 60's decorations on the light poles.

(Mind you, this is a place where you can still get canned peas on your plate at the diner.)

Today I am practicing the FINE ART of browsing online for Christmassy fabric.
So, yeah - this is fudging a bit on the "Art Every Day" theme.

I love this happy pattern by Alexander Henry and who knows,
it may just show up on the shelves of our tiny quilt shop!

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