November 19, 2010

Art Every Day - Dix-neuf

Remember leaf-rubbings from grammer school art class?
This started out as one of those, using a simple crayon to get the outlines in.
From there, this leaf rubbing made it's way through my sketch/doodle process,
using Prismacolors and Pentel Markers.
This is the facing page and the first in the journal to have windows.
I created openings in a stack of ten pages with a square punch, so you could see down into the pages. I have since lined one of them with some netting.
You can see a Halloween page peeking though here.

Fall Art Journal


Jillayne said...

I remember gathering fall leaves as the mainstay of elementary school art. We glued them, rubbed them, pounded them and in my adult life, sun-printed with them. Thanks for the happy reminder!

Studio B (UberArt) said...

I love it! The red is so intense, it's wonderful!