October 11, 2010

Late Great Harvest

This year's growing season was not so great and harvesting shifted a bit late.

Here are the last of the Organic High Carotene Tomatoes, waiting patiently for me to get to them.
Let me tell ya, these are awesome tomatoes!

The seed packet said, " High Carotene has 2-3 times more beta-carotene than other varieties, making it a good source of vitamin A, an antioxidant important for healthy vision. The 2-3 inch, red globes with a hint of orange color are very meaty and flavorful. An excellent canning tomato with its higher acid content. These large indeterminate plants should be staked."

Ya think? The plants were six feet tall on a trellis!

The bounty here will be hopping into batches of salsa today, although I hate to see this little guy go.

Maybe I'll save him out for a Halloween decoration!


Jillayne said...

Our tomato crop here was dismal and I thought it was my fault - I am not a gardener at all! Then I heard from several people in town that it was a problem for the whole area - too much rain and wet and lots of fungus - ugh! We did a get some but only enough to enjoy fresh. BUt then I got the best news of all; after years of disinterest my husband has finally agreed we should have a proper garden instead of me trying to plant vegetables betwixt and between all the flowers so next year I will have a proper plot - hopefully it will be a bumper year! Enjoy your salsa!

Tracy said...

LOL That little tomatoe is priceless.