October 20, 2010

Black & White Fright

Here is a fun project for anyone, any age, who likes messin' around with paint.
We made some Halloween tags with this easy-peasy paint method and had a blast doing it.

All you need is white paint and black paper.

I used white gesso, because I have tons, but any acrylic, tempera, or gouache will do.
I also had a stack of black construction paper to use up, but you can easily substitute any black paper you have on hand. Another cool lookin' variation is to make the opposite with white paper/black paint.

Fold your paper in half, blob on paint in the center and if you have a particular shape in mind, think of it "in halves" and just scoot the paint around until it vaguely resembles half of your intended image, keeping it to one side of the center line.

Close the paper up and smoosh a bit, then open it to reveal something spooky!

These make great tags and decorations.

You can also use them to play the "What Do You See?" game -
especially fun with your most abstract creations.

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