December 19, 2009

Season's Greetings

Here are a couple more from
the Vault O'Vintage.

These are from the late forties.
(I only know that because the greetings inside are dated.)
I really like the cutsie and soft watercolor styling on these cards.

The little angel with a peppermint stick reminds me to pass on my BEST COOKIE OF THE SEASON award.
may we recommend - Trader Joe's Two Candy Cane Jo-Joe's.
Yum! I initially bought them because the dang box was so bright and great looking, but then the cookies got me hooked.

Seriously good stuff.

1 comment:

peppermint said...

Thanks for sharing the images of your vintage cards. Do you have them hanging up in your studio or at home? I so love your ATC's They are awesome!