September 8, 2009

Presenting Their Royal Highnesses

The King and Queen
of Hearts

I popped into the post office to send off a package today and to pick up a book of stamps.

The guys at our super podunk post office always laugh at me because I ask for "pretty stamps" and make them haul out the whole drawer full
so I can choose.
(Don't worry, there's NEVER anyone waiting behind me.)

This gorgeous set just knocked me over! I would make a quilt out of this. I would buy this if it was a poster. I would buy it AND frame it. Hey, maybe it IS a poster!

Using images from 18th-century French playing cards as reference, artist Jeanne Greco created the stamp art. I'll be looking her up, let me tell ya. WOW.

(Added later: Ok, yeah, she's way cool. Take a look at her creations.

What a happy, unexpected spot - smack dab in a day full of errands!

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