September 2, 2009

Paper Pinwheel Prize Production

...and you agreed to make how many of these?

Actually, this first batch was only about fifty -
just enough to keep it fun.

OK, that may be stretchin' a bit for the last ten

If you've ever hand crafted paper wonderfulness in quantity, you know it can get pretty daunting by say, oh, about 3 a.m. - at which point you've cycled through your entire iPod library and it begins to dawn on you that the last cuppa coffee at 1 a.m. maybe wasn't such a great idea for steady hand/eye coordination.

These are usually made as prizes, but in this incarnation they are name tags for a local scrapbook store's soiree. The attendee names were added later, in calligraphy, and a pin back was attached.

I used more of that yummy Cosmos Cricket Early Bird paper. The local stores may be totally cleaned out of that stuff by now, with all of my recent projects.

I really like it,

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