June 8, 2009

DIY Bird Feeder

I've enlisted the services of some treasures from the Bermuda Triangle Drawer
in my kitchen, (full of "mystery" pots, pans and parts) to create a new
bird feeder for the yard.

It was TIME!

The extra snow last winter left the old cedar feeder listing to one side. Just one more 3 point landing from a blue jay and the whole thing would be in the pond!

Here is the finished product of my endeavors, along with a tutorial, to inspire you to make one yourself.

Bits and pieces of junky metal kitchen fodder.
I started off with a fondue holder, so I stuck to a round design. Square pans and lids make great bird feeders too.

1. Pizza pan base.
2. Burner drip pan.
3. Fondue holder.
4. Wok lid.
5. Dollar store decoration.
6. Caulk gun.
7. Pan lid.
8. Pop bottle.
9. Epoxy.

It was very easy to make, thanks to a tube of this super duper Epoxy. The open design and pop bottle insert make it really easy to clean, which is important for the health of your fine feathered friends.


Stack things together first as a trial. Arrange all of your bits and pieces 'til you like them.

Remember, gravity counts!

Glue parts from the base up, with Epoxy. It takes 24 hours to fully cure, but you can handle it in a few hours.

Spray paint the whole contraption. Cut pop bottle top and bottom off to create a tube for the seed. (The bird embellished pot lid lifts off for easy refilling) Mount on a pole or add a hook and hang.

Fill with birdseed, then get your camera with zoom ready and go on assignment for the Audubon Society!

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Ms Mims said...

OK I really really love this -- especially the little bird topper... Hhmm Bermuda Triangle drawer? Why, I believe I have a house right out of the B.T. [sigh] Keep the lovely projects coming!

~~mlgh in the City of Roses