June 18, 2009

Garden Pixie

Say hello to my new Garden Pixie.

She's a bit shy, as you can tell from her - vavavoom! - outfit.

I'm still waiting for inspiration to strike me with the perfect name for her. Any suggestions?

I made this in a soldering class last night with a couple other ladies. A little tricky to get the hang of at first, but once you get it - very fun. I have been assured that my soldering skills will improve with time. Good to hear. I've got lots more of these babies planned!

There are four layers of glass, all sandwiched together, with a scrolly embellishment at the bottom and
a simple jump ring at the top for dangling purposes.

That's all I could manage in a 3 hour class.

1 comment:

peppermint said...

I love your little Garden Pixie! You did a good job with the solder, I think you got the hang of it! Great blog and background!