April 24, 2009

Leaves of Grass

O Hastening Light!
O free and ecstatic!
O what I here, preparing, warble for!
O the sun of the world will ascend, dazzling,
and take his height -- and you too will ascend!
O so amazing and broad -- up there resplendent,
darting and burning! - Walt Whitman

The sun came back for a few days and we all scurried around like crazy,
plowing and planting and generally acting like it was summer already.
That's what happens when you have a zillion straight weeks of grey skies and rain.

The frost came right back the other night though, and nipped at everything new
in the window boxes and flower beds. Nothing serious.

This bit of greenery started off in Easter baskets but is now living down at the studio
to bring a little spring inside. I just splashed a dab of paint on these terra cotta pots
and planted them with wheat seeds. I'm thinking of adding some faux fauna to the mix.
I'll have to hunt up some cute bugs and animals - check these out Bake it Pretty!

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