March 24, 2009

Egg Salad Sand

Every year, we get carried away coloring Easter Eggs and end up with a big basketful to "dispose of". My husband is always very obliging, and makes a good dent in the pile -
armed with nothing but salt and pepper shakers. The kids however, won't touch 'em. Uh-uh.

By day two, it's time to pull out the big guns and make egg salad.
But where's that egg slicer? Usually in my Easter basket.

We're tough on egg slicers around here because we use them for mushrooms as well.
This thing sees a lot of wear and tear with 3 seasons of mycological forays in to the local woods for mushrooms. It's pretty much toast by the following Spring, with bent and missing wires, maybe a plastic melty spot from the dishwasher -
you get the picture.

Time for a new one!

It goes on the list right next to the peeps and chocolate bunnies and
SURPRISE! I get new egg slicer in my basket every year.

I've spread this tradition to include a few of my friends, who,
come Easter Monday, will be needing one.

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